One Week in April

I hadn’t intended on last week’s silence, but it was an intense time up here in Boston. In the midst of much sadness, shock, and anxiety, writing about anything else just didn’t feel authentic.

So much has been written about the Boston Marathon bombings and subsequent manhunt and lockdown, so instead I offer this powerful, poignant video from, Five Days in April. It is stunning and sobering, and absolutely worth a view.

One week out, what I can say is how proud I am: Of my city and all the many ways its people have cared for each other, and showed their love of country; of my students, some of who were medical volunteers at the finish line when the bombs went off, who have taken care of each other and handled this situation with grace; of all the doctors, nurses, EMTs, and health care providers whose skill, preparation, and precision saved so many lives; of the many branches of law enforcement who worked together to keep us safe, and of the crowds who lined the streets to show their gratitude.

And as a writer, yes, so proud of my hometown newspaper the Boston Globe, whose reporters, editors, photographers, and staff covered an emotional and rapidly changing story with grit, integrity, and responsibility.


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