The Night Before Transplant…

Some observations of fact:

Since 1988, there have been 116, 712 living donor kidney transplants.

Of that number, 4, 064 have taken place in Massachusetts, where we live.

Five hundred twenty-three living donor transplants have taken place at Beth Israel, where my father’s transplant will take place.


A living donor kidney starts to produce urine in the recipient’s body before the surgery is over. (For some reason, this blows my mind.)

(Source: my father’s surgeon.)

Some observations of the heart:

No matter how many times you tell yourself all people who have this surgery are in poor health and are therefore high-risk, no matter how highly recommended the surgeons are, no matter how amazing the opportunities medicine allows for are, it is all still really scary.

Watching someone you love slip away before your eyes takes a piece of your soul. Watching that person have hope and begin to make plans for the future slowly restores it.

I can say without a hint of hyperbole or exaggeration that my father is indomitable, and has always been my hero.

Lucky for all of us, we now have another hero, whose compassion and sacrifice are giving us a second chance.

Please keep my father, his donor, our families, and both sets of medical teams in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “The Night Before Transplant…

  1. Keeping your dad, and your entire family, in my thoughts and prayers!

    And wow — that IS fascinating about the kidney starting to produce urine before the end of the surgery. Cool!

  2. Sharing life is such an amazing thing. Sending prayers for your father, his donor and all involved.

    Anticipating being where your father is at a few years from now, the excitement for renewed life and healing is felt poignantly.

    Kidneys are wondrous little organs that do way more than you would ever think.

    • Thanks so much! The surgeries both went well, and both patients continue to progress. So far, things look great! My father looks like a new person already, and the new kidney is doing a fantastic job. I wish you all the best on your own journey!

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